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MJT Telecaster Build; Part 2



Continuing from last months post, I found quite a few parts that simply worked out to be perfect fits for this guitar, Sound wise the guitar has more of a strat sound because of the pickups I had available. The aged finish on the neck is comfortable and easy to play on, not sticky, and has a certain mojo that a thinner neck finish can facilitate.

some specs;
The neck I ordered was intended to be a copy of my Ronaldo Custom Tele’s original neck (was an ’83 fender tele neck). The 80’s to 90’s C neck profile with a more modern radius (10″ fingerboard radius), Rosewood fretboard,  and Kulson tuners.

The included bone nut was something i needed to take to my guitar tech, but otherwise everything fell perfectly into place.  I really enjoy how worn in the instrument feels, as well as how I can feel the woods vibrate because of the thinner & lack of paint.  Theres a bold character to this guitar that a stock telecaster off the wall simply would not be able to contain.


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