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Hi everyone! I’m Harpie. I’m a young woman whose always called an ‘old soul’ Well, this old soul has fallen irrevocably in love with the rising phenomenon of ‘going vintage’. I didn’t really notice a serious change in the pop culture until more-than-halfway through college but I’ve become fascinated with the ‘hipster’ and how inaccurate that person is. The majority of their ‘trends’ are just revivals of generations-old styles. Ever since I made the distinction, I channeled my psychologist side and started to think about the benefits of a Retro Revival. Currently, work has begun on my second and third pieces for hard copy publication, but it’s a long road ahead. Cheers~

Hey all, my name is Manny Dylan, a 27 year old semi-professional musician based in Northern New Jersey. I am a singer songwriter, performer, producer, and session musician with an insatiable appetite for many types of music. As a listener and collector of vinyl I have developed an ear for the analog approach to music in the midst of the digital home studio era. I find myself privileged to share my thoughts and ramblings on about ideals, gear, and music of the past in regards to vintage style music.

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