Privacy Disclosure

With all our gratitude to the readers of RetroRevival, we wanted to take a moment to address the issue of our privacy now that we are publishing graphics, such as picture galleries.

In order to protect the readers and us authors, we want to make sure all visitors to the RetroRevivalBlog understand that the pictures we use are derived from internet unless otherwise specified. We do not own any of the images unless there is an individual annotation that denotes that we took the pictures and the ownership rights belong to the authors.

In circumstances where human subjects are intentionally included in these pictures, they have given consent to be published on this blog website and acknowledge this verbally. We try not to include too many people in our galleries that are not regular contributors to the blog columns in order to reduce the overall number of persons whose consent we need to gather. This does not mean, however, that we will refuse anyone to be included at any time.

Finally, the pictures and potraits depicted at the RetroRevivalBlog are to be used solely for the purpose of reporting on this blog only. Any reuse or redistribution of these photographs for other purposes is subject to legal consequence. Also, any fraudulent claims of ownership over pictures denoted as belonging to the authors of RetroRevivalBlog will receive subsequent legal consequences as well.

Thank you for your patience as we expand our blog, and thank you all for staying curious and enchanted with the vintage lifestyle!