Trials of Doris: Is it Collusion?

This week in the Trials of Doris, we learned of a ‘leak’ in local documents that led the DORIS group to discuss a curious case from April. This April, the Hillsborough Historic Preservation Commission held its status quo meeting on the 27th, but with some oddities. Duke Farms was present and recieved unanimous votes from the commission to pass pre-application approvals for a series of ‘minor’ projects at Duke Farms. While this is acknowledged as a private property, the accessibility is public; therefore the public should and/or could have had better notice of their requests and the date of this HPC meeting. We have elected to videodocument this case because of the lengthiness and details regarding these three projects as well as the unusual, if not outright sneaky, conduct of the HPC that month. Readers can view our clip below.

While the RRBlog is not currently placing accusations on the Farms or the township’s historic preservation commission, we are considerably concerned for the methods that were used… and how long it took for anyone to notice. That doesn’t scream ‘transparency’ to us. Stay curious!