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The Pastel Comeback

When we look at old pictures, the photo quality has many differences compared to what a photograph looks like now. These trends are so infectious, that many people perceive yesteryears as being bleak, sad, and grey. In fact, the world was just as colorful even if it is difficult to imagine when we are surrounded by aged artifacts. Colors will always play a significant role in our self-expression.

Pastels have been appealing to everyone, (women in particular), as far back as the ancient times. Colors were revered as being the signature of the elite because dyes were more expensive than blank-canvas cottons and wools. So, as time went by, people continued to grow as a society, colored fabrics remained desirable. Fast-forward to Victorian culture: pastels and vivid, embroidered accents were staples of the upper class. As the 20th century came about and economies became improved, the desire for colors and eye-catching patterns followed suit. But pastels? They weren’t left behind. This gentle-on-the-eyes look was most comfortable for the middle class and working class. Although we only got a glimpse into color in 1950s (when cameras began printing in color), it wasn’t just this decade that was pretty in pastels! Sadly, the comfort color were quickly replaced in time for the 1970s and 80s to take over with their neon shades and spandex overhaul.
In the last approximate year or two, pastels have made a strong rebound back into style. Certainly, we consider pastels to be cute and darling, best suited for young children at Easter. These charming palettes come with no age limit, however. So, to prove that pastels can be darling, dazzling, and flattering. I decided to try this out myself with some shopping following a local clothing drive two months ago. It admittedly does take some movement out of the comfort zone at first, but the effect is so gratifying. I wanted to let my amazing photographers know that their efforts are most appreciated. The overall result is that retro is once again the winner over modern. Sorry folks! Pastels are just plain sophisticated and are here to stay! Many thanks to Kohls, Target, and Modcloth for these exceptional springtime stunners!

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