The Year of the Pineapple

This year had to be one of the strongest in terms of revivalism of the midcentury tropical motifs. Somehow out of the woodwork, the fruits, flamingoes, palm trees, and other tropical motifs came out SWINGING! Over the course of the summer, The Retro Revival noticed and compiled a grand list of the most prominent motif of the year: The Pineapple. The sheer number of instances that the pineapple appeared has floored us both and we have therefore chosen to crown this summer as the year of the pineapple! Check out the classic motifs compared to the findings of the RetroRevival from this year. Feel like your own dose of the tropics? Here ya go!

There were echoes of yesteryear everywhere, simply updated! Not only the best fruit ever, pineapples have remained a powerful symbol of welcome. The same authentic pineapple strengths are noted all over vintage culture:


Reader Contributions!

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