Need Inspiration?

I wanted to make sure all my readers have fair access to the broad spectrum of retro/vintage/mod/antique (Lordy there’s so many words we use), merchandise, so here are a few of my personal picks for your windowshopping or real shopping pleasure. Please note that the ‘vintage’ aficionado does not always keep to one particular decade or style. I’m definitely one of these types! How can I, or anyone else, find a favorite between the Roarin’ 20’s, letting the good times roll, or the timeless elegance of the formal Victorian era? Whatever your tastes, these people have it just right!

Women’s Vintage Inspired Clothing
All sorts of Antiques for Everybody! (you will definitely find treasures here)
Some Victorian Flare
I literally just found this place googling but its cool

The all-powerful Etsy

More to come~


Reader Contributions!

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