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Revial Style: The Victorian Details (Winter 2018)

This year in winter, it seems like there has been a slight shift in seasonal affects. Usually when a therapist says this, they’re talking about seasonal depression, but thankfully, this time it’s a better case. Just in time for the ushering in of a new year, everyone seems to have committed to having a better time than in its predecessor year, 2017.

2018 is bound to be a year of practicality, artistry, embracing of uniquenesses, and a more open forum and expression of the retro liveliness in us all. That sense of nostalgia and warmth is exactly the type of method we have immediately adopted to survive these icy conditions. Whereas we usually have a focus on the midcentury, postwar trends that swept the Americas in the 20th century, this winter has forced us to pull all the stops from Pre- WW2 era aesthetics and potent Victorian vamp to stay toasty.

It is an excellent start to the New Retro of 2018 in that it brings us back to the ornate, highly-handcrafted, and often practical means of Victorian times with some modern twists. We found it unintentional yet interesting that the foreshadowing of the RRBlog’s Revival Style column on Clozy Coats from each decade that we published last year. This year, the desire to make layers sophsticated and elegant comes from a need rather than an adornment. Here in New Jersey, we have experienced nearly two weeks of profound cold weather; some of our nights have reached temperatures of -20 (F). As of right now, our climate rivals that of Alaska and the northern regions of Canada. The farmer’s almanac is one source we live by through its unique analysis through 250+ years of meteorological trend-tracking. In the retro spirit, to our dismay, this winter is anticipated to be one frosty, freezing experience. Thank heavens for the old-world references that are finding their way back to our culture- these revived notions may save you some frostbite!

Faux fur lined coats, thermal long socks, thick boots, heavy gloves and elaborate hats of knitted materials or weatherproof felts all have become commonplace following the crippling cold temperatures of Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It isn’t strange to see a businesswoman sporting a 3/4 or full length coat this winter. The gents have readopted work-appropriate boots and thick wool socks, shamelessly including warm (faux) fur hats, leather thermal gloves, and even hefty scarves to add to their woolen vests and suits tailored for these extreme temperatures.

Ladies, don’t even think about wearing your Sunday best heels out in this. What I think is the very best about the slight Victorian revival is how well it fits itself into wintertime. We found these puppies at Modcloth (Click Here) that epitomize the shapes of Victorian style footwear without the potential cracked ankles of high heels. Worried about the transition from slim jackets and puffy winter coats to hefty vintage counterparts? Fall in love with one of these darling demures and surely, your mind will be changed. After all, darlings, life is an occasion- we all can dress for it as we like: Click for Victorian Style Winter Gear, or perhaps you prefer the earlier years of the 20th century as your go-to for garb: Click for Era Themed Ensembles!

Gents, you have it a little easier- many of your well-loved name carriers already stock most of what you need to get your retro on this season. For instance, Macy’s carries a plethora of simple, timeless wool silhouettes for any dapper fellow to challenge the snow with. To no surprise of ours at the Retro Revival, men’s boots have found a middle ground between timeless and sophisticated, masculine yet elegant, & formal yet functional in our marketplace. DSW nailed this one: Men’s Warm Winter Footwear.

As the snow spends another few days before melting down in Jersey, we will be learning more about how to heat the home and hearth with a Victorian twist that is sure to keep everyone thawed through this intense winter ahead. Cheers, Darlings!



For over 8 amazing years, it has been an experience, a pleasure, and a journey to be a revivalist. I love all things retro and antique. Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school and throughout my professional career. For all those who are inspired to be vintage, challenge the norms in the name of tradition! We write for a better, more inspired tomorrow <3

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