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Scarf Style For Early Fall

So many antique stores and clothind boutiques alike carry the world’s simplest accessory. Considered a medium scarf or a bandana, these charming, often colorful squares of silk or light cloth remind us all of the creativity and limitless possibilities of self expression that we have.

So what makes these silky square scarves appear in the antiques world? Traditionally, the headscarf has made some strides throughout history. Natives would use these to keep warm, to identify with culture, and as symbols of ethnic or religious preference. They define modesty, integrity, and are often associated with a neat and polished woman. Some people feel liberated by not wearing them, which is fine too. Scaves today remain a statement of every one of these things, but they are also becoming a staple of pleasant weather fashion. Not to mention, in my own experiences, they keep long hair tamed on blustery days (which for those of you who know me personally, can tell just how desperately necesary these are for me and my mop).

So there are a few ways to wear them. There are examples that span most of human cvilization, but let’s see what Google has to offer for Fall 2016. Click here for Scarf Ideas!

For the second picture from the left on the second row (for those of you on your laptop and desktop computers, these styles require a longer scarf than a medium or square to ensure no one chokes themselves trying to tie the bows. The one that I tried out this month is a very basic double-knotted wrap that supports most updo hairstyles, which uses these simple steps:

  1. Select a scarf and begin with your hair already done-up
  2. Put the scarf on your head (just kidding)… fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle, and wrap the middle behind you, holding the two corners of the triangle in your hand.
  3. Use the ends at the top of your head to tie the double knot (or whatever knot you like best). If you haven’t done so already, finish your updo, or take down your hair after the knot is finished. Sometimes hair has a tendency to tangle when it left down while adding a scarf.

Let us know what else is out there and how the scarves work with every individual hairstyle!

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The Pastel Comeback

When we look at old pictures, the photo quality has many differences compared to what a photograph looks like now. These trends are so infectious, that many people perceive yesteryears as being bleak, sad, and grey. In fact, the world was just as colorful even if it is difficult to imagine when we are surrounded by aged artifacts. Colors will always play a significant role in our self-expression.

Pastels have been appealing to everyone, (women in particular), as far back as the ancient times. Colors were revered as being the signature of the elite because dyes were more expensive than blank-canvas cottons and wools. So, as time went by, people continued to grow as a society, colored fabrics remained desirable. Fast-forward to Victorian culture: pastels and vivid, embroidered accents were staples of the upper class. As the 20th century came about and economies became improved, the desire for colors and eye-catching patterns followed suit. But pastels? They weren’t left behind. This gentle-on-the-eyes look was most comfortable for the middle class and working class. Although we only got a glimpse into color in 1950s (when cameras began printing in color), it wasn’t just this decade that was pretty in pastels! Sadly, the comfort color were quickly replaced in time for the 1970s and 80s to take over with their neon shades and spandex overhaul.
In the last approximate year or two, pastels have made a strong rebound back into style. Certainly, we consider pastels to be cute and darling, best suited for young children at Easter. These charming palettes come with no age limit, however. So, to prove that pastels can be darling, dazzling, and flattering. I decided to try this out myself with some shopping following a local clothing drive two months ago. It admittedly does take some movement out of the comfort zone at first, but the effect is so gratifying. I wanted to let my amazing photographers know that their efforts are most appreciated. The overall result is that retro is once again the winner over modern. Sorry folks! Pastels are just plain sophisticated and are here to stay! Many thanks to Kohls, Target, and Modcloth for these exceptional springtime stunners!

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Tuck and Roll! …Your hair, that is…

There is something undeniably sophisticated about a woman whose hair is pinned up and curled to perfection. Today, there is so much tension that exists for women when deciding what to do with themselves in a morning routine. Should we compromise sleep and primp, or should we rest up in anticipation for a busy workweek? Truthfully, the styles of decades past, especially in the way of hairstyling, look WAY more intricate than they actually are. Without the curling irons or clipping scissors, I fould a few ways to bring the tuck and roll back to this century without spending hours with my stubborn hair.

First thing is first! Here’s some inspiration before you lunge for your favorite combs and brushes:  I personally vote ‘no’ to reviving the snoods. They’re charming alternatives to hairnets for occupational hairstyles, (such as those in food preparing professions), but not for day-to-day.

The tucked hairstyles, which were extremely popular in the 1930s and ’40s, are a fabulous alternative to simple clips and hair ties. Take for instance, those suggested here:  (Give this little gem a few moments to load).

I decided to give it a shot using an ‘As-seen-on-TV’ product, Snap Wrap N’ Go, the world’s most aggressive hairspray, and some large bobby pins. What we achieved is the victory curls of postwar America, and one of the most iconic retro styles of rolled hair.

Now, lots of tutorials exist for this style, but since I don’t have bangs, I layered the crown of my head separately and used that for the curls instead of parting with nonexistent bangs. This is my first attempt. The others will be posted on our webpage so stay tuned! Be sure to look at the many variations of this timeless classic right here: It’s hard to choose one! Check out the progress and stay curious! Thank you for checking out the first of the Revival Style Guide’s articles! (This gallery is owned by RetroRevival.