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The Antiquated Antics Jello Challenge with

From the Antiquated Antics summer series at RRBlog, we met and quickly befriended our retro colleague, Katherine: the culinary genius behind  (click for link). Her work spreads through the pages of dozens of cookbooks from kitchens past. In hopes of bringing us closer to the eclectic nature of the midcentury mold of jello, Miss Katherine has joined forces with RetroRevival Blog and other friends to bring 3 jello recipes back into the spotlight this summer. It is up to the bloggers to decide which of the three are our favorites, how we would change the recipe to fit into revivalist-modern, and of course, to share the challenge with our readers.

Jello, or gelatin molds, were the immensely popularized mealtime favorites of the iconic 1950s housewives. While we will be having a series about their feminism later on, let’s focus on the jiggly wonders that are served for dinner, lunch, and then dessert. Knox brand gelatin is the star of this show! The unique sculptures of food became a star in the dining room for two major reasons: gelatin molds didn’t require the use of the oven in the heat of the summer, meaning that the savvy housewife saved money and energy. The other simple reason these dishes flourished was because of aesthetic appeal. Although today they are looked upon as a culinary oddity, they were once considered a sign of luxury and tasteful articulation in the home. Another big score of points for the wife who could create these eyefuls.

In preparing these retro dishes, we bloggers learned two things about an authentic vintage kitchen. First, don’t be afraid of trying new things. While it seems weird, foreign, and sometimes downright gross, the truth is that different can be delicious! Finally,

So today, we decided to team up with Katherine to see whose gelatin recipes (all derived from 1955 recipe books) came out good, what we would change, and more! These are our results:

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For over 8 amazing years, it has been an experience, a pleasure, and a journey to be a revivalist. I love all things retro and antique. Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school and throughout my professional career. For all those who are inspired to be vintage, challenge the norms in the name of tradition! We write for a better, more inspired tomorrow <3

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