Outrage at a NJ Cemetary

On the morning of May 12th, the news gave me this: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/05/12/cemetery-veteran-markers-removed/

In short, the cemetary in question, which is remarkably large in size, was responsible for removing memorial stones of acknowledgement from war veterans’ graves. Their defense for the act was that it was intended to clean up the property and remove any potential safety hazards that these memorial stones posed to visitors.

I would like to question this. How can a country whose veterans have often paid the ultimate price for our country be disrespected in their final resting place? How is this appropriate in the retro spirit of things? Even for those of our readers who are anti-war, those who have passed away in telling our story as a nation probably shouldn’t be defaced. Really, the dead shouldn’t be disrespected at all. In the ethics of yesteryear, shouldn’t it be acknowledged that these guys and gals shaped our history?

Yet we remove the last real memo of their services that they had. Morally, it’s not congruent with the sense of vintage values our website seeks to suggest (we aren’t pressuring your personal beliefs- that’s not what we are about). But it sure would be nice to show those before us that we are at least learning about their journeys and how they shaped our world.

So it captures the attention of us and our readers. What’s ever been vintage about forgetting the stories of others? Retro and vintage lifestyles preach the opposite. We will be following this story as it becomes clearer.


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