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Revival Style: Summer 2017

The retro roots of this season’s couture are spreading! It took me a much longer time to list the ways that this year’s finds match up with the classics, which is a good sign; it means my lists are getting longer. Let’s jump right into things.

This is another year of successful style revival, without a shadow of a doubt. One particular instance that supports the idea is my discovery of a darling boutique featured on News12 New Jersey this last week. Nestled cozily on the Asbury Park boardwalk is a hidden treasure called Bettie’s Bombshells. This shop specializes in gathering a gallery full of midcentury treats. From petticoats to purses, swimwear to special occasions, this small business will have a conversation piece especially for you. Not in New Jersey? That’s okay too! More and more vintage-inspired sellers are emerging from the woodwork. for instance, offers shipping internationally on their wares in various styles that range from the 1920s through the late 1960s. (Author’s note: the currency exchange button is in the top right hand corner of the menu for those interested.)

Earlier this year, we also welcomed the Walt Disney spin on retro classics. The Dress Shop, located in Downtown Disney (Orlando) and scattered throughout other park locations internationally, opened to the public and offered a wide variety of Disney-inspired prints and looks; but here’s the scoop: Every item from The Dress Shop is designed to be retro. Click Here to see what The Dress Shop Offers!

Ironically, I always default search for that midcentury charm while out and about. Only after catching a sale email from did I realize that the flow of a maxi dress with a thousand flowers on it had its fair place in retro culture. These popular sundresses are a derivative of the earlier Bohemian/hippie styles of the mid-to-late 60s and some of the 1970s. Often characterized by unorthodox sleeves; slits and fitted cuffs are indicators of the hippies’ interests in risk taking and breaking the conservative attitudes of dress from the decades prior.

No matter what your style is, be sure to take a gander at the colorful lineup for this summer’s big themes: patterns, brights, and fun flavors of vintage couture gone mainstream yet again. So raise a pineapple and join in the retro movement! Cheers until August, darlings! I’m off to find more to report on!



For over 8 amazing years, it has been an experience, a pleasure, and a journey to be a revivalist. I love all things retro and antique. Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school and throughout my professional career. For all those who are inspired to be vintage, challenge the norms in the name of tradition! We write for a better, more inspired tomorrow <3

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