A Series of Social Changes (Part 4)

The 1960s are easily “the era” above all others that signifies a serious shift in social living in America and elsewhere. The tremors of these changes could be felt across an international stage, prompting one of the most radical shifts we learn about. The 1960s challenged societal norms of gender roles, war and peace, media and expressive cultures, and conservative lifestyles.

It was a time of tie-dye everything, fringed suede vests, peace protests, equality marches, integration, eliminating stereotypes of wives and women, freedom, music, and counterculture. Frankly, this decade, even in retrospect, is a challenge to keep up with for the simple reason that it is profoundly busy. I ask our readers to forgive me as I simplify and stylize the events of this decade for reader-friendliness.

The 1960’s was an era characterized by two of the greatest populist movements of its time. The buildup and further expansion of the Civil Rights Movement happened parallel with the mass social and political revolution enacted by the American youths, this time period being identified as “The Summer of Love”. The 60’s was building up to the enormous pressure that young people being shipped off to Vietnam for a way that nobody wanted to engage in, and minorities who were fighting for basic rights and social and political equality both felt. The Civil Rights Act has had elements be challenged i the last year, and we are still fighting for the preservation of these BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.


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