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The DeviEver Legend of Fuzz Pedal

This pedal was a unique acquisition of mine almost a year ago, and it has taken a very special place in my heart (and in my special effects cupboard). It stays at home for a few reasons, first and foremost it is very difficult to reign in in a live setting. the volume control going from the 8 o clock position to the 9o clock position has a nearly 10 decibel boost, which makes controlling it in a live or practice setting harder. Secondly, this is a character pedal, it has it”s own very unique flavor that goes beyond what a Big Muff Pi, or most other pedals go, and the contour control increases the “broken” sound it has. I personally like cracking the contour and doing double string bends and Nashville bends, resulting in the notes phasing each others waves out which sounds AMAZING (to me) and serves as a unique sound that one has to push any other fuzz much farther. The artwork on this pedal is also worthy of praise on its own, using iconography from the classic “Legend of Zelda” game franchise, hence the name of the pedal and the character of the tone, essentially it is a bit crusher & fuzz. I have used it on guitar solos and it is thought to be “too extreme” depending on the context it is placed in, but it has an irrevocable character to it and for that I love this pedal.

The company is now run by FuzzGoddess and the pedal and its siblings can be found at

The DeviEver Legend of Fuzz gets a 4/5 losing points for the difficulty in regards to reeling in the great qualities it has for live use.


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