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Trials of Doris: Emptiness

On a whim I opened my laptop today and decided to see what Google Maps looks like around my favorite places to picnic (and then I decided to find new places to go). But before I could follow my own intentions, a big, dirt mound-like space stopped me dead in my tracks. In some last hope, or maybe even remembering a once-mentioned promise from trials past, the silhouette of a billionaire’s home (although imperfect) can be seen amid the environmentally-conscious demolition site at Duke Farms.

I can’t decide if this qualifies as an intended outcome of a senseless demolition or if this can become a respectful headstone to the late Duke Mansion. What now sits as a gravesite of architectural uniqueness, the Duke Mansion’s site has an open ended future IF the foundation begins a dialogue with people outside their circle.

Please let’s not forget. Perhaps I’m showing my age, but let’s remember what the Lorax said (after all, the darling Seuss character “spoke for the trees” so maybe Duke Farms or Charitable Foundation if you’re reading, you’ll listen to him better since he’s more environmental): He placed brick before lifting himself from the wreckage of the truffula trees which read, “Unless”.

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