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Diamonds are real; new meaning to a classic symbol

  1. It’s an adverisement which means they are trying to sell you the idea of a diamond ring but with a new intenton, long-term commitment without including the institution of marriage.
  2.  It’s possibly a response by jewelry companies to decreased rates of marriage that is more likely a result of economic deficiencies among millennials and the inability to afford the cost of establishing ones self and starting a family.
  3. This may be the harbinger of a cultural shift for the next generation of adults in this country where the traditional institution of marriage  is being reconsidered as a promise between two people with rings, without including the traditional institution and ceremony included. 
  4. Financial culture among millennials is reflective of a sense of spontaneity and does not appear to be mindful of long-term financial goals, the sense of financial responsibility is essential to the process of marriage and settling down and creating a household \family.

    What is most important in all of this is to remember that while economies and cultures change, there are elements of human nature that never do, like the commitment embidied by at least the concept of marriage, or in this case, it’s symbols. 


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