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Introducing “Re Rigged”

I extend an invitation to readers of my music column to join me as I am selling and optimizing my current gear for shows.

At the moment I am selling a good amount of my gear, making room for more summarized(does everything well) gear and that means having to make hard choices as far as what to sell and what to keep. That being said please join me as I go on a journey of sonic rediscovery and hopefully can inspire you to sell, modify, or get the very best out of your gear.

Reviews in the coming months include;
Celestion Gold 50-watt 8 Ohm speaker (replacing 25-watt 16 OHM)
Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III (with notes on my experience trying a St Vincent EBMM guitar)
Japanese Girl Wah
Mesa Engineering Rectoverb 25
Vox Night Train
And lots more!


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