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Ronaldo Custom Guitars; Bird’s eye/quilted/flame maple.

You read correctly, I have been working closely with the gentlemen at Ronaldo Custom LLC, and one of my first Warmoth builds was begging for a maple neck, so this is the specimen that got attached to the swamp ash body, making my own Keith Richards style tele!

Very smooth neck, Grover tuners, Ronaldo Custom radius, and vintage style frets. Get in touch with me if you are interested in their instruments.  =]

The short and sweet on this luthier is that he has made custom instruments and done repairs for many major rock acts that include; Mark Wood, Anthrax, The Allman bros. Band, Blue Oyster Cült, and many more!  These a high quantity guitars being made for a cost that falls below most custom shops, with wood options at such a fair price that it is truly a joy to work with this shop to put something together.


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