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MJT Telecaster Build: Part 1

Rewind to Spring of 2016, at my favorite guitar shop I am shown a MJT T style body. It was previously lake placid blue, but the way that nitrocellulose works is that it checks and ages over time so blue turns green over time, and this body was a wonderful shade of green, granting this guitar the name “Clover”. This was a first and pivotal step in my journey in my happy accidents guitar,  starting with the matching of a rosewood board with a tortoise pick guard and my spare pickups going into this creature. The spare pickups in question are the neck pickup from my ’85 S type guitar, and the bridge pickup from my black telecaster before I swapped the stock single coil pickup for a Seymour Duncan  Lil ’59  which I also highly recommend. This pickup blend is very special for me,  the neck sound is a bit like an on board low pass filter, and the bridge sounds like a Tele bridge, bright but punchy,  together they blend into a beefy but bright sound that’s something I’ve rarely found in other instruments, with a boost in signal as well!! =]

There is a charm and comfort to a worn in paint job on a guitar and my enjoyment of the character in the MJT body brought me to the point of ordering a neck from them, stay tuned  ;).


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