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Doris Duke’s Will

5586_111477769241Something that was discussed and thrown away during the Hillsborough Historical Preservation Committee meetings was the will of Doris Duke.  In short, the will was seen as irrelevant to the case of if they could or couldn’t demolish. Demolition neglects article 5 C 1 of Miss Duke’s Will!

5.C. 1. “The bequests to my employees under this Subdivision C are in gratitude for their past services rendered to me and my foundations. It is my hope and expectation that my Executors and Trustees and the foundations in which I am a member, director, trustee or officer at my death or which are to be created under this Will shall employ as many of these persons as reasonably possible in order to maintain my various properties and to operate these foundations after my death. The determination of my Executors as to the persons to receive a bequest under this Subdivision C and the amount of each such bequest shall be binding and conclusive on all interested persons.”

Feel free to scroll through the entire will, but to give you a picture of Miss Duke’s desires the word maintain(or the like) is used NINE TIMES!

The word DEMOLISH was used ONCE ;  “To manage, maintain, improve, lease (for any term whether or not extending beyond the term of the trusts created by this Will or the term fixed by any law), mortgage, partition or otherwise dispose of any real or personal property or any interest therein, to make repairs and alterations in any buildings now or hereafter located on any such property or to demolish the same, and to construct new buildings, all in such manner and upon such terms and conditions as they shall deem advisable;” This Article comes after 5 C 1 wherein it requests that her properties are maintained. The word “maintain” even comes before “demolish” in this clause!

If you want to check out the full document Miss Duke’s Will  can be found at;




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