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Going Viral… Slowly

The Retro Revival authors wanted to take a moment to thank all of our readers for making our new domain, a howling success. At this time, we also wanted to make sure all of our readers were aware of our Facebook page:

It’s a rather nifty networking tool, and we encourage you all to ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep up with all our timeless trinkets we post day to day. At the end of each month, for those who are not attached to social media, we will be compiling our links and tidbits into a blog post for your convenience. The more likes, the more we will find for you to enjoy! Stay curious!

~Harpie Lyn & Manny Dylan

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For over 8 amazing years, it has been an experience, a pleasure, and a journey to be a revivalist. I love all things retro and antique. Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school and throughout my professional career. For all those who are inspired to be vintage, challenge the norms in the name of tradition! We write for a better, more inspired tomorrow <3

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