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Part XI, ToD

In the eleventh article revolving around the inappropriate antics of the internationally acclaimed Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, DORIS makes a rousing comeback in the process to save Duke Mansion. The estate, still intact in Hillsborough NJ, has suffered some serious internal changes since December. Although the Duke Farms Foundation did receive permission from the township’s historic preservation commission to demolish the iconic home (the last of the industrial barons’ estates nationwide), the DFF did not apply for a permit until fairly recently. Instead, they chose to dismantle the home from the inside out. In doing so, several doors, windows, and mantles made their way to an architectural salvage firm in Barnegat, NJ. Research is being done to determine the connection between the DFF and the salvage firm, Recycling The Past.

The ancient Arabic fountain once located in the palm room has reportedly been sent to Rough Point in Rhode Island for safekeeping with the rest of the un-auctioned Doris Duke collection. Confirmation of its whereabouts is pending…

The Retro Revival is also very pleased to announce that merchandise for the DORIS group will be readily available soon.

Extended comparative research also brought the DORIS group to analyze other ‘rogue’ nonprofit groups, such as the one responsible for Muhlenberg Hospital. While an analysis by an independent is available here, some similarities in behavior by the foundations in charge include the expanse of land that each is responsible for. More information is slated to follow.

Please also mark your calendars for February 20th; the DORIS group will be hosting a large event. Further details will be published as they are announced.

Another great stride was made this week in the filming of the emotional “Bring Doris Home” video, provided by DORIS members. The entire process was devised and executed through amateur means, and we look forward to the next in its series to be released at a later date. Although not promotional, this video expresses the loss that this community has felt every step of the way in this heart-wrenching process. Quite honestly, there is no need for a specific message here; the emphasis throughout the video was trying to find what’s missing from the estate. What we miss and long for the most is the one thing we have to fight for. So please, if you are reading this for the first time, help this noble grassroots movement bring Doris home. Save Duke Mansion. This is the clip:

Our next newsletter will include the investigation on several curious actions that the DDCF has spearheaded over the years. Further details will emerge by the end of the week. In the meantime, please feel free to sign up to receive email updates for the Retro Revival, like us on Facebook, and add your comments here. We are also pleased to announce that Harpie has learned to embed media for your convenience.



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