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Chivalry: It’s Hottttt

One of the things that is often the center of interest for Retro Revivalists is the morals and values and standards that come with the vintage lifestyle. How much do I have to change in order to fit into this? The answer is not at all. Unless you’re a total jerk, in which case, I’m not so sure you should be trying so hard to fit. The standards are timeless, the ideology is that we are simple, tasteful, and respectful people as generations before us were collectively known to be. One of the largest concerns, however, comes with the idea of courtship. There are so many methods to woo the one of your dreams, but how can you impress the one whose tastes are very classic?

The answer for all genders and backgrounds is identical. There is something timeless, elegant, noteworthy, and sexy about chivalry. Why it has fallen by the wayside is something beyond what my imagination can conjure. Personally, I only acknowledge the nice guys. Of course, in today’s world full of some rather uncomfortable going-ons, sometimes we have to be more deliberate and authentic in our methods of engaging courtship. Asking for someone’s number after holding a door open or smiling is considerably creepy. The heartfelt sentiments, the thoughtfulness, and expression of real kindness is what gets to a person. We can’t continue to live in a world where hearts are too bashful to show.

So what can be done? Vintage-style courtship is expensive as opposed to today’s digitized sentiment, but it really will make all the difference when impressing anyone. Postage for letters, a nice outfit, some flowers… Sound cheesy yet? Its become so seldom expressed that frankly, the notion of anything formal being cheesy never comes to fruition. In fact, if you’re into taking a risk in order to really woo your hopefully-to-be-significant other, it would be remarkable of you to express your sentiments in an old-fashioned, timeless way. You know that cute guy whose at the gym when you are? Howsabout some yoga in the park, just for the two of you? Bring a picnic blanket and let the good times roll. Even when establishing friendships, in-person communication and good, clean, fun experiences are what the strongest bonds are made of. For the lady you see working her ass off in the office all the time? When was the last time you think she got a memo whose context wasn’t telling her something new to do for the boss? I’ll bet she’d be the happiest person on earth just to be told she’s pretty once. Perhaps the methods of spending time and energy could be the most successful in acquiring a date.

I should also take the opportunity to reintroduce the concept of casual dating. No, not hooking up, because that’s a rancid new trend of modern overemphasized sexuality. Casual dating is really just the idea of going out, having a clean, fun time as aforementioned, and meeting people with interest of finding what you like in a person. What’s so wrong with taking the time to find true love? Thinking critically, many people believe that the notion of ‘true love’ is a vintage concept. Maybe the reason why is because love, like many other rites of passage, is rushed in this society. If we took the time to slow down and explore our options and remain open to spending time with people broadly, I have confidence that human interactions and quality time spend can easily result in love. But not just love. Keeping yourself receptive to people and communications can produce the same caliber of love we hear about our grandparents and ancestors having. Now does this new style entice you?

Chivalry, my friends of all sexes and genders, is the key to establishing mutual kindness and connections. Spread the love, channel your inner hippie. Besides, I’ve notices bellbottoms and spandex are en vogue anyway! Much love, readers!




For over 8 amazing years, it has been an experience, a pleasure, and a journey to be a revivalist. I love all things retro and antique. Writing has been a passion of mine since middle school and throughout my professional career. For all those who are inspired to be vintage, challenge the norms in the name of tradition! We write for a better, more inspired tomorrow <3

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