A Rather Genuine Introduction

Hello Readers!

For those of you who haven’t blogged with me before, you can call me Harpie. I got the rather snazzy nickname from a few friends in high school, who were quick to name me based on the instrument I play. Now, I’m a psychology student, and a darned good one. But sprinkled in the mix, I’m also a lover of all things vintage and retro. Things that have a story to tell just seem to stand out against the grain of our highly modern, fast-paced, and often efficiency-oriented society. Recently, I realized I wasn’t alone in concept. There’s an article that was shared with me a week ago that focuses on the lifestyle of the 1950’s. http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/living-life-like-in-the-1950s-americas-rockabilly-community.html Of course, these people are on an extreme side of the spectrum. I’m here to try and find middle ground between the rapid modern times and the refreshingly simple times that created our history.

It only seemed reasonable for me to host a blog that focuses on highlighting the great morals, trends, and swings of ages past. In the midst of an exciting, City-that-never-sleeps kind of world, don’t we all need to slow down for a moment or two and take care with the tasks in our lives? This blog is the story of how a lively young spirit can navigate this modernized world with the standards of decades well before her time. It’s important to value what those before us has given to our society. It all comes full-circle (not just the skirts) eventually. It seems like now is the time for the Retro Revival to be taking place. So, dear readers, it is my humblest honor to welcome back to center stage, the style, the ethic, and the morale of the mid-century. On February 21st, expect your first taste of authentic vintage throwback. I promise it’ll be swell.



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